Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Raytown Hamfest November 2014

Here is a nice video about the Raytown Amateur Radio Club Hamfest held recently.... these are really fun and follow the HAMFEST tab to the left for info on upcoming hamfest. Winter is a little slow but keep checking in !

I updated the HAMFEST link with 3 of them in early 2015! Should be a fun way to deal with winter. And cheaper than moving to Florida!


  1. Great piece of video on the Raytown Hamfest. Looks like everyone was really enjoying themselves ...... Chasing away the blues of winter. On the up side we can use the time we spend mowing the grass to be on the air making new friends and talking to the old ones. Happy Holidays everyone!!

  2. I agree with Jack. Great piece of video on Raytown video. Very professional looking and appears to be a ham fest we should attend. We should also spend the time winter time build in addition to operating. Happy Holidays from the Porter House everyone. 72/73 Joe W0MQY


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