Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Storm Season Is Here, Ready to Listen?

Want to monitor instant weather and storm information with your radio? Many of you already know this but you can listen to local storm spotters using your HT or other VHF radio! I attached a link below for Crawford County public safety frequencies... and I believe that the storm spotters are made up of Baker Fire Dept folks using the Baker Fire frequency and are in contact with the Crawford County Sheriff dispatch....

Try looking this page up and if you are not in Crawford County this site can also provide info for where you are !! When we had those heavy rains and flooding last year I monitored the Pittsburg Police making a rescue from a car that was about to get totally underwater at 15th and Walnut. Of course that story never made it into the Morning Sun ( but the Joplin Globe covered it ). Maybe we should donate a scanner to the Morning Sun office...? If any of you have corrected or updated information please pass it on !!

CLICK HERE to get the list !!

Be Ready !! Here is an old photo from my first run in with a tornado !!

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  1. Thanks for the info Jeff .... I have been hit once and was very lucky. I pay a lot more attention now!


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