Saturday, May 4, 2013

April Meeting - Soggy Update

Coffee and QSO's

The Southeast Kansas Amateur Radio Club met again on April 27, 2013. Turnout was good, no new faces this time but it was still a good time to get together and have some face to face QSO's with friends. We originally had made plans to go to the park after the meeting and set up some remote field radios and make some contacts but Mother Nature had other ideas. It was too cool, damp and rainy for anything fun so it was postponed to a later date. We plan to arrange something before our next meeting scheduled for May 25th. When we can get some good weather on a good day, we will send out a notice and hopefully some of you can still make it.

Joe sporting the official SEKARC gear!

The ARRL Field Day is coming soon also and we discussed plans for a group location to participate in this annual event. Possible locations are being considered and perhaps we can finalize those plans during the month of May so we can get down to some planning at the next get together.

Bill WBØLXZ is close to perfecting his project for a group build which is a 1 watt 80 meter CW transmitter for local CW practice and I think possibly it could be used for a foxhunt? Details to follow on that one. Steve WDØDTS mentioned he recently made a  "new to him" purchase on a Kenwood HF rig that he is anxious to try out and Leon KDØSSD is working on his setup for some PSK work but is struggling with transmitting and Joe WØMQY offered to take a look at it during the next builders group meeting. Tom N2UHC had is field box setup already to go before the rain washed that away. Myself KDØSEG and my XYL Loren KDØRTX learned about the 3 Corners Marker where Oklahoma, Missouri and Kansas all meet. The site is marked by a plaque near the entrance to the Downstream Casino so went down there after the meeting to check it out!

I hope all of you can try to attend the next meeting and hopefully we can see some new faces and we will can make some exciting plans for future activities, if Spring and Summer ever arrive for good! If I missed anything please add in comments below and thanks for being there!

73's and BTU, this is Kilo Delta Zero Sierra Echo Golf.

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