Monday, January 16, 2017

SEKARC Under Remodeling

SEKARC is currently getting a new look !!
Mostly cosmetic but what do you think?

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

K7AGE - Randy Installs Powerpoles

If you have used powerpoles you understand some of the great things about them and a few of the bad things about them. K7AGE Randy has some good tips on how to attach, both with solder and crimping!

If you have not seem any of his stuff, he has a great selection of videos!!

Monday, January 2, 2017

How Does A J-Pole Work?

I stumbled across this video and I thought it was interesting. Man oh man I need to study more because a lot of this went over my head. Please watch and lets discuss at the coffee or via email string!

Also this guy has a LOT of videos on his YouTube  Channel. Not sure how I have missed him but it looks like a great link... check him out at Dave Casler KEØOG

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Busy Holiday for SEKARC

The Coffee QSO at Root Coffeehouse is going great! Nice place to meet with great Signet coffee and treats. We have had two so far and this week we had special visitors to the group. The new Crawford County Emergency Management Director and the outgoing Eldon Bedene met with us to get to know us and discuss possible projects and assistance that SEKARC can provide going forward.

Then last night at Barto's we had our first annual Christmas dinner. We had at least 26 people in attendance and it was a really nice evening. I've got to say what a great group you are to work with and know. The food and friendship was really fun and I think we all look forward to the next holiday dinner and I also think that 2017 will be a very good year for the SEKARC!

Photos below and we were treated to a tune...

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Coffee QSO New Location - Root Coffeehouse

As of December 21st 2016, the SEKARC  will be moving it's Wednesday Coffee QSO to Root Coffeehouse! Spellbound had to close up shop so we found a new local joint to host us! We meet every Wednesday at 9am so if you have not made it to one, we would love to see you!

They have a large number of coffee options and also a great breakfast treat selection! Here is a message from their Facebook page. "Root. ro͞ot/noun - Definition: the part of a plant that attaches to the ground or to a support, conveying nourishment to the rest of the plant via numerous branches and fibers.

Root Coffeehouse was born from our roots. It’s a homestead for our family company connecting us to our ground, our support: the southeast Kansas community. A coffee shop has been a dream of ours for years and it's finally taken root. 

Kling Family Orchards is a recognized name in Kansas artisan jams and jellies. Our small family operation began in 2010 and demand for our uniquely Kansan jams, jellies, candles and produce made us realize that as we grew our family of products our dreams were able to grow as well. 

At Root Coffeehouse, you can find coffee, espresso, nut butters, bread, and, of course, our special line of jams and jellies. You’ll find friendly staff that can tell you where your coffee, sandwich and purchases come from. Join us for friendly conversation, catch an open-mic night, and browse our selection of local jams, jellies, mixes and merchandise."