Thursday, April 24, 2014

April Meeting Sat 4/26

The April meeting of the Southeast Kansas Amateur Radio Club will be this Saturday April 26th at 9 am. Get your coffee and breakfast along with some great amateur radio fellowship and conversation. We hope to have an update on the club call sign and the ARRL affiliation progress at that time.

We also need to discuss Field Day and an activity for the May meeting on the 31st. One possibility is a Fox Hunt, so let's solidify those plans for the next meeting! If you have not made to one of the meetings yet this would be a great one to show up to! I am pretty sure we will have at least one new face and we would like to see as many as possible there!

If you need transporation, please let us know! You can send an email to @ and we will make arrangements to pick you up!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

EchoLink for Dummies

Here is a nice little link for the basics of EchoLink. This covers the basics and explains how it works and for those that have heard of it but were not sure what it is, this is a great place to start!! I think EchoLink has it's benefits, especially for new hams and those that do not have a radio. It takes a little effort to get it set up and comfortable navigating but if you have not yet, give it a try. They have free apps for both Apple and Android devices as well as software to load on to your pc.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Mysterious Mode - CW

I can still remember vividly nearly one year ago, sitting in front of my new rig, listening intently to the mysterious strings of dit's and dah's that clutter the 40 meter band at night. At the time, I wondered how could anyone make sense of the varied tones so close together, and what was the traffic? What veiled message could be so important that it would be encoded in a seemingly endless tense of audio and tonal music. I can remember straining to catch one or two of the only characters I knew at that time; K and N. It was a blaze of mind bending speed beeping to be sure. At least it was then.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

$4.00 Ham Radio Satellite Antenna

Here is a fun project !! Cheap homebrew antenna for working the Satellites on FM !! And this HAM is a Kansas boy. I have used a couple of his projects and he makes some great videos! Be sure and subscribe to his YouTube channel !!

Published on Mar 28, 2014
An easy hand-held dual band 2 m/70 cm yagi satellite antenna
for working the SO-50 and other FM amateur radio satellites.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Lunar Eclipse Special Event Station

The Emporia State University Amateur Radio Club and the Emporia Amateur Radio Society  are hosting this special event station to call attention to the lunar eclipse that will be seen from the western hemisphere on the morning of 15 April 2014.  The western and central USA will be able to see a complete eclipse and far eastern USA will see a partial eclipse.  The schedule for the lunar eclipse is below. To find out more about the eclipses for 2014 from NASA visit their web site.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Storm Season Is Here, Ready to Listen?

Want to monitor instant weather and storm information with your radio? Many of you already know this but you can listen to local storm spotters using your HT or other VHF radio! I attached a link below for Crawford County public safety frequencies... and I believe that the storm spotters are made up of Baker Fire Dept folks using the Baker Fire frequency and are in contact with the Crawford County Sheriff dispatch....

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Resonance Visualized

This is amazing... a visual demonstration of resonating sound waves.... If any one see's a video that you think the club would be interested in seeing, send it my way and I will get it posted !!