Monday, November 14, 2016

Stuff You Should Know Podcast

This is an interesting podcasts about Ham Radio by some non hams. Mostly correct but still fun to listen to. Click play on the link below ot the image above. I am fairly new to the hobby so I did learn something.

Run some PSK or JT and listen while you ham it up !!


Friday, November 11, 2016

Introduction To Magnetic Core Memory


Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Saturday - Breakfast and Museum

The October meeting for SEKARC will be this Saturday October 29th. We will first meet at 9am for breakfast at Hardee's. We will enjoy some breakfast, coffee and conversation!

Then at 10am we will head over to the Crawford County Historical Museum, just North of 20th and the US69 bypass.

They have lots of space and lots of trees for holding up antennas! Everyone is welcome to stop by and setup your radio gear!

Also, why you are there be sure and tour the museum and see the great historical items they have. There is a lot of history in that building!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Mosquito Food

By SEKARC Contributor David Keith NØWKZ

Recently while conducting the fine business of a special event CW radio station, the realities of fishing came crashing back into my existence from memories long hidden file. Fishing? Yes!

During this event, a number of the other operators involved communicated back and forth for a time using a group email address. This was sort of neat as it raised my own awareness of the other operators and their struggles and successes. One of them related a tale of woe that I know only all too well; the woes of apartment dwelling operators. By my own estimation, my Morse Code/CW career is only about three years long. In that time, I have fought tooth and nail against the ear splitting forces of electromagnetic despair that apartment dwelling operators have to endure. A plasma one floor below is turned on and suddenly a guy across the pond disappears from my headset. Water heaters, washing machines, throngs of unshielded wall warts dancing on the edge of hash, and even AC units from the building next door. Chargers, flat screens, power supplies; the list of sources is endless. All of it; a symphony of spectrum wash dancing wildly across the S Meter. To be sure, many of my operations are with my friend and Elmer W0IIT just a few doors down, and sending from the pages of a random book through my code practice oscillator into a recorder, and copy practice from the WebSDR or W1AW. Countless days have passed where my main operating has been with myself. I have often sat dreaming with envy of those ops with towers and clear viewed signal paths before them. I myself have to get out.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Museum Field Day - SEKARC and CCHM

The SEKARC held it's September meeting in the field on the grounds of the Crawford County Historical Museum. It was a great success! There were many places to setup our gear and the host was very interested and helpful! Thanks again to the Museum for welcoming us and from the great day we had there, no doubt that we will be back again!

Jack WDØCFH made a contact on QRP CW. Conditions on the bands were not too great and there was an RTTY contest going on that covered up most of the popular low power digital frequencies. You would think they would stay away from known operating mode frequencies. But it was still fun, Jeff KAØEGE was running WSPR and is logged as hearing several stations from all over the United States, Canada, Germany and England and his transmission was even heard by a station in Iceland.