Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Mysterious Mode - CW

I can still remember vividly nearly one year ago, sitting in front of my new rig, listening intently to the mysterious strings of dit's and dah's that clutter the 40 meter band at night. At the time, I wondered how could anyone make sense of the varied tones so close together, and what was the traffic? What veiled message could be so important that it would be encoded in a seemingly endless tense of audio and tonal music. I can remember straining to catch one or two of the only characters I knew at that time; K and N. It was a blaze of mind bending speed beeping to be sure. At least it was then.

Now, I spend my evenings doing part of my practice either copying W1AW or one of the many random contacts taking place a guy can choose from. Now, the mysterious chant of echoed song is made plain. Who would have thought? Operators chatting about work, the weather, kids, grandkids, radios, and all manner of ordinary talk. Who would have guessed? Guys making ordinary human mistakes while others tap along like a computer generated CW program. Straight key operators who key with express style so musical it might do well on the top 40. Contest operators operating with the speed of a modem. Who would have guessed? One operator calls and suddenly there is a flood of responses that even now sounds like an unintelligible push button phone gone haywire. Strong signals, weak signals, some that have blown a cap or have a rotten power supply. Whoop whoop... Who would have guessed. But everyone seems to seamlessly participate no matter the skill or tone and most seem to grasp the time hardened art of CW. On some nights it seems a dance of orchestrated chaos funneled into the very origins of high order.

For me, the spectral visage cover of CW has been somewhat blown. VHF repeater style conversation with the time honored class of Amateur Tradition, and all the finesse of the human mind. I suppose some of the coolness factor has been taken off the edge of things for me, but not the excitement. Not the trepidation and fear I still get when attempting to work CW live. Like that impending stomach floating thrill of that first monster dive you take on the latest rage in roller coasters. Not yet anyway. There is still something new and cool about hearing your call echo back to you after answering a CQ that the phonic humdrum of voice cannot replace. A Whistle of technical jazz playing the electromagnetic spectrum in resonant cadence.

I find all the operating modes fascinating. Every operator seems to find an affinity with at least one of them and there is no shame in that. Each has a unique and steadfast place in the world of Amateur Radio. But for me, CW is still, just too cool...

Amen and GB
D Keath - N0WKZ

Sunday, April 13, 2014

$4.00 Ham Radio Satellite Antenna

Here is a fun project !! Cheap homebrew antenna for working the Satellites on FM !! And this HAM is a Kansas boy. I have used a couple of his projects and he makes some great videos! Be sure and subscribe to his YouTube channel !!

Published on Mar 28, 2014
An easy hand-held dual band 2 m/70 cm yagi satellite antenna
for working the SO-50 and other FM amateur radio satellites.

Here are the final dimensions !! Post your thoughts on this in the comments below and maybe we can build these for our Fox Hunt?

Monday, April 7, 2014

Lunar Eclipse Special Event Station

The Emporia State University Amateur Radio Club and the Emporia Amateur Radio Society  are hosting this special event station to call attention to the lunar eclipse that will be seen from the western hemisphere on the morning of 15 April 2014.  The western and central USA will be able to see a complete eclipse and far eastern USA will see a partial eclipse.  The schedule for the lunar eclipse is below. To find out more about the eclipses for 2014 from NASA visit their web site.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Storm Season Is Here, Ready to Listen?

Want to monitor instant weather and storm information with your radio? Many of you already know this but you can listen to local storm spotters using your HT or other VHF radio! I attached a link below for Crawford County public safety frequencies... and I believe that the storm spotters are made up of Baker Fire Dept folks using the Baker Fire frequency and are in contact with the Crawford County Sheriff dispatch....

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Resonance Visualized

This is amazing... a visual demonstration of resonating sound waves.... If any one see's a video that you think the club would be interested in seeing, send it my way and I will get it posted !!


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Officers & Meeting Announcements!

Great meeting today !

We have some information and announcements to pass along. We now have club officers.... Congratulations and THANKS go to the new officers !!

President - Joe Porter WØMQY
Vice President - Jack Dock WDØCFH
Sec/Treasurer - Loren Chancey KDØRTX

You can see the officer and member listing on the Officers and Members tab in the left hand column.

We voted on and approved the club constitution and bylaws and will now be working on submitting the paperwork for ARRL club affiliation. Once that is complete we will apply for a club call sign for use on Field Day and future Special Event Stations! We are planning an activity after the April meeting so stay tuned for that !! Make your plans to come out to Big Brutus on Field Day and let us know if you have any questions!

Thanks. 73's Jeff KAØEGE

TX Factor Episode Two

Here is the second episode of TX Factor, the new UK Amateur Radio show. This episode has a couple of great segments beginning with the FunCube creator and a demo of the FunCube radio segment. I sent them an email asking permission to post their show and by the way, they loved our club website. There quote was it was "very smart!".

Great show again... Give it a go...