Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Meeting - Lincoln Park - May 30th

The May SEKARC meeting will be held in Lincoln Park shelter one. This shelter seats 25 - 30 and is located near the bocce pits in the southwest corner of the park. We have the shelter reserved from 9am until 5pm so it should be a fun radio day.

We will have some campstove coffee, breakfast casserole, donuts and around noon time we will cook some hot dogs on the charcoal and have a picnic lunch. Bring your gear and setup or just come on down for a friendly visit. Our hope is to get some bugs worked out before field day and just to get outdoors in the fresh air!

Jeff will be setting up his WSPR station and can walk through that is you would like to see more about how you can receive DX and send some on only 5 watts or less. Plus the WSPR map is a good propogation status even if you are not tx'ing on the software! If you would like to show off something, bring it by for sure.

Everyone is welcome and all are encouraged to stop by and see us. I know that the weather may not play along with us but stay tuned to the email list for any updates and/or changes. We have a shelter so the only thing that may shut us down is lightning so let's plan on having sunshine!!

Monday, May 11, 2015

FM, CW and PSK Net Info

FYI -- The 146.94 repeater still seems to be down so this week and until further notice we will hold the net on the 444.8 with PL 91.5. And keep in mind that we also made some changes to the HF nets. The PSK is the 1st and 3rd Wed and the CW Roundtable is the 2nd and 4th. If you are not sure, check the club calendar link on the left.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

CW Roundtable and PSK Net Changes

The weekly Sunday CW roundtable has been working out great for those sending code! We decided to make a couple of changes to it and to the PSK31 net.

Beginning with the 2nd Wednesday in May the CW Roundtable will be twice a month and will begin at 8:30 on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday! The frequency may be adjusted a little after we see how the noise levels are at 8:30 and if needed, we will notify the group of the frequency changes. Also, the PSK31 net will now be held twice a month and will begin at 8:30 after the 1st and 3rd Wednesday FM net. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

K7AGE - Antenna Analyzer Tips

Randy K7AGE shows us how to use an Antenna Analyzer and how to calc the changes needed for an antenna check! This video is very helpful...

Monday, April 20, 2015

Meeting - Sat April 25th

It's that time again! This Saturday the 25th is the April meeting for the Southeast Kansas Amateur Radio Club. We will meet at 9am at the Pittsburg Fire Station #1 on West 4th street in Pittsburg. We will have breakfast and coffee and radio fellowship! We have a special guest, Steve Lester who was here in January with the SATERN team and was part of the presentation given to the SEKARC. He will be giving his presentation that will cover various severe weather topics and some basic first aid for certain symptoms related to severe weather.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Job or Adventure?

David Keath

As always, I am going to taste, swish around in my mouth, and savor each and every experience in Radio that I am lucky enough to get. Like cheese tasting or biting into one of those awesome gourmet burgers you get at some place like Applebees or Fridays; those frightening experiences in life are ones to be relished for their power to shake your nerves and heart both.

I have been practicing CW, or rather Morse Code, for a long while now and yet I am still shakin in my boots when I attempt to make contacts. The funny part is that I work almost daily with my Elmer WØIIT like a seasoned pro, and recently I have been able to check into a local and regional CW net. Outside of that, you might say I've got a mean set of the jitters. Key fright.. Ouch! But hey, maybe there are one or two others out there who will say to themselves, “Wow, I am not the only one...”