We hope to see you all out there.... even just stop by for a bit just to say hello.... or to jump in and make some contacts! Setup begins at 8am at the Museum. If you need directions let us know! We will have the radios local tuned into the 146.94/147.24 repeaters. ( We will be right under the 94 repeater site so coverage should not be an issue!)

SAT - 8am SetUpSAT - 1pm Operating Begins
SUN - 1pm Operating stops and Takedown Begins
THE MUSEUM SITE? -------->>


We will be getting together AFTER the coffee on June 14th at the museum to review plans and finalize the details. Plan on joining us for coffee/breakfast at Farmhouse then over to the museum. This should be a great location and allow for easy setup and also very good public access. Stay tuned to and the email group for additional details.


We are confirmed and the 2023 Field Day site is the Crawford County Historical Museum. This year it is June 24th and 25th. We will begin setup the morning of the 24th. There will be several updates on this page as plans develop. We will be increasing our publicity game to hopefully get more community involvement! 

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